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Seting Up an Agenda

Chairman :Miew. Could you set up an agenda for the next executive meeting on Wednesday morning?

Wunwisa: Of course, boss. What about the agenda boss?

 Chairman: First, office equipments  buying-report from Khun wunwisa, the sale and marketing manager. I’d Mr.Parinya ,chairman be  here too.

Second, explanding new branches in Hawaii and Laung Pra Bang.

Wunwisa: I will this be in the conference room on Wednesday at 9.30 a.m.?

Chairman: Yes, that’s right. And I’d like to make sure everything are ready for the meeting.

Wunwisa: Of course, boss .I will check all the papers, materials, and the meeting room are ready .I will sent at all agenda and memos to the participants before meeting.

Chairman: I hope this meeting will be successed.

Wunwisa: Don’t worry boss ,I will arrange this meeting.

Executive Meeting Conversation

Chairman: Thank you for your comity to Executive Meeting today. The purposes of this meeting are 2 topic to discuss about the possible use of a computer system for accounting and inventory control at The Princess House Company from the previous meeting and to discuss about to open new branch in Laung Pra Bang. Ok, my secretary is Miss Wanwisa, read the agenda of this executive meeting.

Wanwisa:  Executive Meeting August 25, 2009, Executive Meeting room 9:30     A.M.

                            1. Minute of the meeting 0f April 5, 2009.

                            2. The possible use of a computer system for accounting and inventory control at The Princess House Company.

                                2.1 Cerebrotech 8086

                                2.2 The Siam Compunet Arrangement

                            3. Open a new branch in Laung Pra Bang.

                            4. Date of next meeting.

                            5. Adjournment

Chairman: Well, Miss Sirinapa, II got your In-House systems information from                 the previous meeting in some part. Could you please give me more information about this?

Sirinapa: Well, there are the cerebrotech 8086 in In-House Minicomputer system. The cost of the basic system is 700,000 ฿. It can support a network of up to five work station. Each work station equipped with                 video terminal, keyboard and two floppy disk drives. Additional memory and printer/plotters can be added as the companies require them for future needs. I think this system is widely available on the market.

Chairman: Miss Sirinapa, have you got any detail of the system drawback?

Sirinapa: Yes, I have. There are two problems with this system. The first is that                the ready- made software programs are very expensive costing about 300,000฿. The second problem is that cerebrotech has no service facility in Thailand.

Chairman: Well, the benefit of cerebrothech is easy to find on the market and I can’t support a network of up to five works station. The drawback, this            program is expensive and this program has no service facility inThailand. And Miss Jongrak, have you got any detail of your computer system?

Jongrak: Yes, I would like to recommend Time –Sharing system for the Siam compunet Arrangement. The cost leasing computer time from Siam compunet is 250 baths per hour with a dedicated phone line or a flat monthly rate of 7,500 baths. I think the monthly rate will be cheaper. Siam compunet would be responsible for handing all of the client’s data. Siam compunet would also be responsible the maintenance and reliability of their computer. Moreover, no additional cost relate to this               service would be passed on the customer. I think our company should be able to gain some benefit from this system.

Chairman: I hope so. So, from the information that miss Jomgrak has given us.                The Time-Sharing system is cheaper than In- House from Cerebrotech. Saim  compunet  Arrangement has no any drawback. What do you think about two systems, Miss Wanwisa?

Wanwisa: I agree with Miss Jongrak because the Time-Sharing system from the Saim compunet Arrangement is reasonable price. Saim compunet is responsible for the maintenance and reliability of their computer.

Chairman: Um…in my opinion, Cerebrotech from In-House system is easy to find on market and easy to use but is very expensive and has some              drawback. For Time-Sharing system is reasonable price. So, I agree with Miss Jongrak .  All those in favor? …………Unanimous

Jongrak, Wanwisa, Sirinapa: Yes!

Charman: Well, I see most of us agree with Miss Jongrak. So, we will use Time-  Sharing system in the Saim compunet Arrangement in our company. Miss Wanwisa, could you please appoint purchasing manager to see me on next Wednesday.

Wanwisa: Yes, Boss.

Chairman: Let’s move to open new branch in Laung Pra Bang, Laos. Well, Miss                 Jongrak, do you have an opinion with our new branch.

Jongrak: I think, its sound interesting but I’d like to search more information     about Laung Pra Bang even though taste of Laung Pra Bang people.

Chairman: That good idea. And how about you Miss Sirinapa?

Sirinapa: I think, we have to spend much money for opening new branch and we have no information about economies in Laos well. So, we should stud the information in this point seriously before decide to open     new branch in Laung Pra Bang.

Chairman: Yes, we can discuss this topic at our next meeting. Any other business? No?

Jongrak, Wanwisa, Sirinapa: No…

Chairman: Now, the date of next meeting is September 2, 2009 at 9:30 A.M.    inconvenient for everybody?

Jongrak, Wanwisa, Sirinapa: Yes!

Chairman: Time’s now nearly 11 o’clock, so the meeting is adjourned. Thank    you.


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